2018 Nissan Altima

2018 Nissan Altima

Sometimes you just want a no-frills, sensible sedan. And sometimes you want the very best no-frills, sensible sedan--and that's when you choose the 2018 Nissan Altima.

Why Buy a Nissan Altima?

If you want a four-door, family-friendly sedan that still oozes refinement and style, the Nissan Altima might be your car. It's hailed as being fuel-efficient, safe, reliable, and attractive. Drivers will find the Altima to be a smooth, stable ride no matter the trim level. Families and anyone who wants a back seat for a few extra friends will appreciate the spacious back seat with plenty of head room for the under-six-feet crowd.

Which Nissan Altima is Best?

The number of Altima models shrank from seven to five this year, with the old base model disappearing entirely. Luckily, the new base model is almost just as affordable as the old one, but with more features.

The 2.5 S, starting at $24K, is a worthy successor. Those who want a sporty option should check out the next step up, the 2.5 SR model. In addition to having a sportier engine, it has new smoked headlights and taillight housings, fog lights, decklid spoiler, power driver's seat, manual shifting capability for the CVT, paddle shifters, leather on the steering wheel and the gearshifter, sport-themed trim, tweaked suspension, and special 18-inch wheels. If you want a fun ride for less, that's the model for you. If you want leather seating and more tech options, look at the pricier Altimas. But for most, the S or SR trims should do just fine.

Is the Altima Safe and Reliable?

Yes. In fact, safety and reliability are two of its strongest selling points. Not only did it earn top marks from government and insurance crash test ratings, Automated Emergency Braking, and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning now come standard for 2018. Many other active safety systems are optional, including Intelligent Cruise Control and Blind Spot Warning.

While some may criticize the Altima's no-frills demeanor, keeping things simple has led to a history of greater reliability in this sensible sedan.

Is the Altima Fuel Efficient?

Absolutely. The Altima is one of the most fuel efficient four-door sedans of 2018. We're talking 27 city miles per gallon and 38 on the highway. That's better than the Honda Accord and better than the Ford Fusion. To do much better, you'd need something smaller or a hybrid.